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Water Safety Tips for Kids

Water Safety

Children & Water Safety

The Pool Man, Inc. considers water safety to be very important.  Our friends at The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services have provided the information below to help spread the word about pool and water safety for children.   Please take a moment to read this important information.  It just may save a life!

A Water Safety Message from The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

As the temperatures rise, many Texans head to the water for fun and to escape the heat. You play a key role in helping make sure kids stay safe around water. Whether you are a local community pool, help customers keep their pools running all summer long, or play a role in meeting families’ needs, you have a big part on helping families make good choices around water. The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services is committed to working with Texas communities to develop services and prevention campaigns to address child abuse and neglect before it ever starts. Working together, we can create a community that is water safety smart!

Already, more than 40 have drowned in Texas this year, including three siblings – ages 9, 10 and 11 – who were pulled from an apartment pool in Irving. Apartment pools can provide quick and convenient relief from the heat for their residents, but they typically don’t have lifeguards on duty so extra caution should be exercised. Children should always be watched around pool gates and enclosures. This past weekend, a child wondered off from his family at a water park and drowned. Even places where there are safety measures in place, it takes just a moment for a child to drown.

More than 400 children drowned in Texas in the last five years, most of them between Memorial Day and Labor Day. And a child can drown wherever there’s water: so far this year, children have drowned in backyard and apartment swimming pools, ponds, bathtubs, a hot tub, a lake, at a marina on Galveston Bay – even in a septic tank. The Dallas-Fort Worth area continues to lead the state with 12 child drowning deaths so far this year, followed by the Houston area with nine.

Children under the age of one year most often drown inside the house, while older children most often drown outdoors. Outdoors, children most often drown in pools, especially backyard and apartment pools.  Most young children who drown in pools were out of sight less than five minutes and were in the care of one or both parents at the time.  Indoors, the bathtub is the most dangerous location.

We hope that you can help us reach more families across Texas and remind them to keep children safe around water.

For more statistics and information on water safety for kids, visit

We’re asking you to help us remind all parents, caregivers, and adults to “watch kids around water” – not just during weekends but all summer long, and year-round. Consider posting information and safety tips where families will likely take notice or provide as a hand out. We’ve provided links to safety posters & tip cards below (in both English & Spanish).  Please forward this information to others who can join in this effort!

Basic Safety Tips
Tip Card

Seguridad en el agua consejos bàsicos
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