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A Custom Spa can be So Relaxing – from your Houston Pool Builder, The Pool Man, Inc.

The makers behind those compact water fountains you can plug in somewhere in your home are on to something. The sound of flowing water is one of the most effective stress relievers out there. And because you own a pool, you’ve got relaxation at your fingertips. Stress can impact our mental and physical health in a number of ways causing headaches, depression, high blood pressure, and stomach aches just to name a few. Yet no matter the toll stress can take on our bodies, we still put ourselves in stressful situations, because let’s face it, sometimes it’s unavoidable. But take advantage of the stress-free zone that is in your backyard. Forget taking a dip in the pool — yes, even a swim would relax you — because just sitting by the pool for a few minutes at the end of your day and listening to one of your water features or the water slapping the sides of the tile are sure to calm your heart. Even if it’s raining outside, take a seat under your patio or open a window so you can listen to the rain fall into the pool. The soothing sounds of water are sure to change your mood and reduce your stress. Find ways to incorporate a few minutes at the pool’s edge during the week, even if it is only five and notice the difference in your mood directly after. For health and wellness tips, please subscribe to our blog or find us on Facebook. The Pool Man Inc., is a Houston Pool Builder serving the Tomball, Cypress, Magnolia and Houston areas since 1981. We are a BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited member, receiving the BBB Awards for Excellence for 2012 – a Pinnacle Winner.

Pool Maintenance Tip from your Houston Weekly Pool Service Provider – The Pool Man, Inc.

ALGAE SEASON!!!      – With the warmer weather upon us, Mother Nature has also returned to us every pool owner’s nemesis….algae. This year, algae blooms are expected to be more prevalent, as well as to contain more aggressive strains than in previous years, as algae from dried up rivers, lakes, etc. has found its way into the air…and it is a much heartier type than your blooms in years’ past have been. Not to worry though, as there is a cure for all types. We will do these in a series over the coming weeks, but for today we will start with some general rules when preparing for battle. First of all, you need to find out what “color” of algae you have. You can have green, yellow (mustard), or black algae….or a little of them all. They each are different in how they respond to chemicals, and vary in aggressiveness in reformation after treatment. Second, remember that fundamentally, the steps for banishing algae are: 1) Brush it off the walls/floor  2) Apply chemicals   3) Allow filtration time to remove spores   4) Clean filter of dead/dying cells  5) Monitor and repeat as needed   Finally, remember when buying chemicals to take into consideration the type of filter you have, and the finish of your pool interior.  With the wrong product, you can clog or severely inhibit your filter from working, and if you have anything except white plaster, you run the risk of bleaching the color out of your finish. Once you know what you are dealing with, and what you have to work with/around, you are ready to rumble!! For more Pool Maintenance Tips from your Houston Weekly Pool Service Provider, check out our blog or find us on Facebook.

Health Tip from your Houston Pool Builder

Health TipStudies show that regular physical activity can help strengthen bones, tone muscles, relieve depression and improve sleep.  You should aim for 30 – 60 minutes of activity at least 5 times a week.  One of the best activities is to swim laps in your pool. Swimming works your arms, legs, back and stomach muscles.  Swimming is easy on your joint and when performed correctly, can improve breathing. Have fun and stay healthy! For more health tips from your Houston Pool Builder, check us out on Facebook.

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Pool Renovations

Is it time to update?  Give your pool that “Extreme Makeover” and turn something old into something new!  We have been doing pool renovations for thirty years.  From a simple re-plaster to a complete re-creation!  Let us give that old pool a face lift!

Copper Water and Fire Bowls

Add a touch of elegance to your pool with copper water and fire bowls.