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Overview for New Swimming Pools

Creative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas from your Houston Pool Builder

Easter is right around the corner.  If you are looking for some fun and creative  Easter Egg Hunt ideas , check out this article from our friends at –  Have a safe and Happy Easter! For  more  Family Fun ideas, …

Written by uBizzium on Tuesday March 26, 2013

Pool Service from your Pool Builder in Houston, The Pool Man, Inc.

Spring is almost here! Get your pool ready for swimming season with help from The Pool Man. Give our Pool Service Manager a call to schedule an equipment check-up to make sure you are ready for the upcoming swim season.  Don’t forget to add a filter clean also. For  more pool maintenance tips , …

Written by uBizzium on Tuesday March 19, 2013

Swimming Pool Water Testing Tips from your Houston Pool Builder

Testing Pool Water Pool chemistry is affected by many different factors including bathers, chemical additions and environmental influences. Because conditions in a pool change constantly, testing is vital to ensure proper water balance and sanitizer levels. Testing Tips : 1.) The water sample for …

Written by uBizzium on Friday February 22, 2013

Pool Maintenance Tip from you Houston Pool Builder, The Pool Man, Inc.

Salt Cell Service – Pools that use salt and an electronic chlorine generator (salt cell) need service that is unique to that product. The cell itself will gradually accumulate “scale” on the fins inside the housing that has to be cleaned off. This is a natural byproduct of the process of converting …

Written by uBizzium on Wednesday February 13, 2013

Pool Service Tip from your Houston Pool Builder

If you are having a hard time keeping your pool water clean and clear – it might be time to service your filter. Some of the signs of a dirty or damaged filter are: pressure reading on filter gauge is 5 – 10 lbs. above normal dirt and debris blowing back into pool DE blowing …

Written by uBizzium on Tuesday February 12, 2013

Pool Chemical Tip from your Custom Pool Builder in Houston

With the rain we are currently having, make sure your check your pool water for proper chemical balance. The rain can bring debris, unwanted chemicals such as fertilizer, leaves and grass clippings all into your pool. These items will affect the chemical balance of your pool water. Be sure to test …

Written by uBizzium on Monday February 11, 2013