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Chemical Tip from The Pool Man, Providing Pool Service in the Houston and Cypress Area

What is PH? PART 2 Yesterday we explained what PH is – Today we will cover what happens when your PH is not properly balanced. PH too low – your water becomes acidic which will etch and pit your plaster surface, creating a roughness which is ideal for algae growth and uncomfortable to swimmers.  Pool equipment can become damaged. Chlorine is activated and lost to the atmosphere quickly and you throw money away by adding chlorine when the PH is too low. While swimming your eyes and nose will burn (the PH in our eyes is approx. 7.2) and your skin will get dry and itchy. PH too high – The calcium in the water combines with the carbonates and forms scale (grayish stains on plaster and calcium lines on tile line). The water loses its “sparkle”. As the PH rises, the power of the chlorine to act as a sanitizer is lost. At a PH of 8.0 the pool can only use 20% of the chlorine you put in – so 80% goes to waste! High PH has the same effect on your body -your eyes and nose will burn and your skin will get dry and itchy. Remember – the ideal range for PH is 7.2 – 7.6ppm. Visit our facebook page or our website for more help and tips.