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Pool Building FAQs

Pool Building FAQs

Your Frequently Asked Questions for the Pool Building Process

The Pool Man answers some of the most popular questions asked by customers about the pool building process. Please click on the question to reveal the answer.

How long does the Design process take?

Working with our custom pool builders, you’ll design your swimming pool from the comfort of your own home or at our professional design center. The more elaborate your backyard vision, the more meetings it may take to accomplish your dream. Either way our pool builders will work hand in hand with you to develop your vision and move your dream to the draft board.

How long will it take to complete a Houston swimming pool & spa installation?

Our swimming pool builders typically complete installation within 5 to 8 weeks.  Time considerations will depend upon the types of features you’ll want, any options and the specific design details.Please allow additional time for our custom pool builders to complete your project if they encounter any inclement weather during construction.

What type of a cleaning system should we invest in?

In-floor systems offer you the most thorough type of cleaning for your backyard oasis.Increased circulation significantly improves debris removal, water cleanliness and reduces maintenance time, potentially saving on swimming pool repairs down the road.  In-floor pool service cleaning systems require proper design, manufacturing and installation practices to perform properly. For these reasons, we recommend the Paramount PCC-2000 Cleaning and Circulation System with the MDX main drain assembly.

Can swimming pools and spas be set up for the elderly and the handicapped?

Yes. Water therapy is very beneficial to most people with physical handicaps and to those of us that cannot exercise due to aging muscles and joints. Talk to your doctor about water therapy and let our custom pool builders help design a pool to satisfy your needs.  Should you need any swimming pool remodeling to increase accessibility, let us know.

Can The Pool Man help me with financing?

Whether you are installing a new pool, doing a swimming pool remodeling, or pool renovation we can take your application and forward it to one of several financial institutions in the Houston area. Home improvement loans are the most popular, but there are several options for you to choose from.

How much time will I spend taking care of my pool?

All pools require weekly attention. The amount of time you spend will be determined by the environment around the pool and the cleaning system you have chosen. The better the pool service system, the less time and effort required.

What if we do not know how to take care of a swimming pool?

Whether we are building your new pool and spa, doing a swimming pool renovation, or a swimming pool remodeling, our experienced technicians will schedule a pool school for you and your family. They will take the time to properly prepare you to operate and maintain your pool and/or spa.

Who do we call to service our pool should the need arise?

You can count on excellent swimming pool service from our trained technicians. Even the best pool installations may require pool service at some point. The Pool Man is staffed with service professionals that are factory trained to perform any type of service or warranty work you may need.