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Pool Landscaping Tip – Look out for Brown Patch in your lawn

Below are some helpful tips for this time of year from our friends at Fox Landscaping. Be on the lookout for brown patch in the lawn. This fungus is characterized by circular brown areas that appear when we get cooler nights and warm days. If you have an irrigation system, make sure it only runs in the morning and not for a long period of time as the grass should be dry by the afternoon. October and November is the time to fertilize with a ‘Fall’ fertilizer to ‘Winterize’ your lawn. This will help build stronger roots making the lawn withstand the winter and rebound well in the spring. You can find these fertilizers at your local home improvement store. This is also a good time for mulching plants, shrubs and trees. Plants which are mulched 3 to 4 inches deep have less weed problems and do not need watering as much. Remember these tips for your fall months so your pool landscaping and lawn are looking great again come this spring.