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Winter Landscaping Tips from your Houston and Magnolia Pool Builder

Below are some seasonal tips to gear up for cooler weather.  It is that time of year to plant some seasonal color before the Holidays.  Some popular types of flowers are snapdragon, pansy, alyssum, viola, dianthus, and cyclamen.  When installing your new flowers, make sure that the area you are planting in has fresh / loose soil.  Make sure you locate your flowers where they can best accent your landscape and add the best amount of pop for the Holiday season. Now is the time to mulch the beds to help protect the root zones prior to any freezing temperatures later in the winter months. It is also time to look into protecting the backflow device on your irrigation system from potential freeze damage.  Wrapping the pipes and the copper bell housing with insulation and following the draining procedure below will help lessen the likelihood of the backflow device cracking or busting.