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Pool Safety & Maintenance Tip – Keeping Your Dog Safe Around The Pool

Pools can be great for the family dog (especially in the summer) but there are pool safety considerations you should always keep in mind. Many breeds are naturals in the water and are quite adept at swimming, however, you should never leave the pet unsupervised. If your pool has built in stairs, that’s great. If not, you may want to purchase a pet ramp they can use to get in and out of the pool. Always rinse your dog off after swimming to reduce the risk of skin irritation and make sure your pool chemicals are safely stored so your dog can’t get near them. A quick Pool Maintenance Tip – remember, if you allow your dog in the pool, you must be diligent in monitoring your filter pressure as dog hair can cause excessive blockage in your filter and prevent proper water flow and filtration. For more pool safety and maintenance tips, be sure to check out our latest news and information at

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