Swimming Pool Financing

Get A Head-Start On Your Project With
Pre-Approved Financing!

Many pool builders are struggling to get financing right now. But we have a team of lenders with money available right now for pool loans. If another builder or loan company has told you they can't help you, please give us a call. We've helped hundreds of people that other builders told "no."

Please take a look below and see if you're interested in the financing program below.

Lyon Financial

Simple Interest Pool Loans

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Viking Captial

Viking Capital acts in the capacity of “consultant”, working with contractors nationwide to help pair pool buyers with the best swimming pool financing options available. 

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Frost Bank

Frost Bank offers many loan options. Two that might interest you are:

Home Improvement Loan:

  • Finance a home improvement project

  • Increase the value of your home with this unique loan offering competitive interest rates.

Home Equity Loan:

Borrow for whatever you want, all at once Whether you’re tackling projects on a budget or making a major purchase, use the equity in your home to secure a one-time lump sum for any financial goal — all at a lower interest rate than most other banks.

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